​​​Our Mission

Jodi Bosket-Tully - Spencer's Mom, President -  jodi@thespencergracefoundation.org  

Chris Tully - Spencer's Dad, Vice-President  -  cjtully5@gmail.com


Faye Tully - fayetully@comcast.net

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Jessica Robinson -  j1021robinson@gmail.com

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Matt Tully - mtulls24@gmail.com

Evan Kreitzer - ek1320@gmail.com

​​​​​Throughout Spencer’s illness, many in the community approached us and asked what they could do to help.  And at the time, we simply did not know what to say.  Now, through the formation of the Spencer Grace Foundation, we have a tangible answer.

Pediatric cancers are devastating diseases, especially for very young children like Spencer.  Doctors do not know the causes of most, and the available treatments—which were designed for adults—have horrific side effects.  As Spencer’s case demonstrates, doctors and researchers have made some significant improvements, but still understand very little about how these diseases progress and what can be done to safely eradicate them.

Public funding for pediatric cancer research is incomprehensibly scarce.  Thus, researchers like Spencer’s team at Johns Hopkins are dependent on private donations.  The purpose of the Spencer Grace Foundation is two-fold: (1) to educate the community on the plight of pediatric brain cancer and the overwhelming need for private funding; and (2) to provide a tax-free platform for interested parties to make charitable donations that will directly go towards pediatric brain cancer research. Together, we will ensure that Spencer’s legacy is one of hope and happiness, and that the next innocent family forced into this fight will find a cure.

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